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Amazing street hack prank

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In order to promote the upcoming game "Watch Dogs", Ubisoft recently launched a promotional video "Amazing Street Hack". This video start at a mobile phone repair store in Los Angeles. An amazing smartphone app turns ...

Cat ran across and hits the glass door become unexpected highlight during French TV show

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During the shooting of French TV show "The best bakery in France", when the scene turn to the front of the shop, an unexpected street cat ran across and hits the glass door, this funny scene accidentally become a brig...

Midnight abandoned child scare prank

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If in the night, you see a helpless girl sitting and crying on the roadside, what would you do? Brazil's prank channel Canal BOOM, shows a distressed girl sitting alone on a pavement. When passerby approach her to see...

Brave cat saves boy from vicious dog attack

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A little boy playing outside their home when cycling, neighbor's dog suddenly sprang from behind and attack him, it bites the boy 's leg and dragging. In this dangerous moment, a family's cat run out, crashed into the...

Professional traveller bring you see the world in 360 degrees

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600 days, 36 countries, 5 motorcycles, 125946 miles driven, professional traveller Alex Chacon condensed 600 Days Around the World with a GoPro camera into a three minutes video. The most epic selfie ever! The ultimat...

Psycho clown murder prank

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What would you do if a psycho clown kill someone right in front of you? Stop him or run away immediately? In fact , this is just a terrifying prank video by Youtube channel DmPranksProductions. The pranksters have ste...

Guy terrifies his friend with a great revenge ghost prank

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A man in retaliation for his friend, finding two women dressed up as ghost to scare out his friend in a car. His friend's reaction is absolutely hilarious.

Dutch girlband ADAM gets orgasms while singing

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Recently, the Dutch girl band ADAM published their new music video "Go to Go" on Youtube. In the MV, ADAM members used vibrators and shown having orgasms while singing in the video for their song "Go To Go." Netizens ...

A young man does the Napoleon Dynamite dance for 100 days

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A 21 year old young man, Matt Bray not only learned how to do a spot-on version of the classic dance scene from the 2004 film "Napoleon Dynamite," he also went ahead and filmed himself dancing it. Every day, he does a...

The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour in real life

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The stuntman and athlete, Ronnie Shalvis dresses up as Spider-man and performs his best Parkour in between the buildings throughout the city of Provo, Utah. Looks like The Amazing Spider-man in real life.

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